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On september 19, 1993, a score of people meet in Sainte-Marie de Beauce to provide the foundations of an association of the Grondin families. Our association is incorporated on september 23, 1993 under la loi des Compagnies de la province de Québec under the name of
Association des Grondin d’Amérique Inc.
Its headquarters are lacated at Pavillon Casault of l’Université Laval in Quebec city. A temporary council is elected and 2 committees are formed.




Founding members
and the first Board of Directors



Janine Grondin, Beauceville, president

Simone Grondin, Thetford Mines, vice-president

Louise Grondin, Trois Rivières, vice-president

Nelson Grondin, Saint-Georges, treasurer

Yvette Fecteau, Thetford Mines, secretary

Dr Pierre Grondin, Sillery, director

Jean-Paul Grondin, Sainte-Marie, director

Richard Grondin, Saint-Ephrem, director

Raymonde Grondin, Saint-Georges, director


Antonio Grondin, Sainte-Marie

Jean-Claude Grondin, Sainte-Marie

Denis Grondin, Saint-Jean Chrysostome

Gilles Grondin, Beauceville

Henri-Georges Grondin, Sainte-Clothilde

Marie-Ange T. Grondin, Sainte-Marie

Jules Duval, Beauceville

Claire C. Grondin, Sainte-Marie

Gilberte B. Grondin, Sainte-Clothilde

Conrad Pomerleau, Sainte-Clothilde

François Albert, Sainte-Foy

Was present at this meeting Mr Sylvio Héroux, representing the  Fédération des Familles Souches Québécoises